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unjust_phil's Journal

The Most Recent Philosophy Community on LJ
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Tired of the moderators in philosophy communities on LJ? Tired of having to put up with the nonsense in the penal colony of LJ Philosophy?

Welcome to unjust_phil!

This community has been created to ensure that somewhere, somewhere on LJ, there will be a philosophy community where the moderators aren't paranoid lunatics (hi, unnamed525), aren't hypersensitive girliemen (hi, apperception) and don't have receding hairlines (hi, cabrutus).

This is the place where you get to actually discuss philosophy without fear from the moderators.

The Rules:

1. No unwarranted insults (ad hominems are perfectly fine - who are we, as moderators, to bias the epistemology of your arguments?). For example, consider this short radio play:

Prima: Perhaps I don't delude myself into thinking that what people who have been corpses for thousands of years did is important enough to devote my academic career to.

Secunda: No, you just delude yourself into thinking that computer science degrees are an adequate subsitute for an epistemology class.

Here, we think that Secunda is doing a top job of giving Prima the whatfor.


Primus: Personally, I think that existence is a proper predicate but that's because I want to be able to distinguish between things which actually, really exist and things that I just thought up. Lamps exist; Square circles do not exist.

Secundus: I fucking hate you, gerbilsage.

Primus: Go have a cry about it, unnamed525, while you role-play on IRC. P.S. All of your friends hate you.

Here, we think that Secundus was out of line and will be warned. Primus, however, was more than welcome to insult a person who insulted him.

From their example, may we learn.

2. Don't mess with other people's comments/ability to comment

No disabling comments. No freezing threads. No screening comments. No deleting comments. No deleting posts. If you don't like it when people hammer you for being stupid, don't say stupid things.

3. No NSFW images

Baby Jesus cries when you do it. Moderators ban you when you do it.

4. Trolls are allowed so long as they don't get too batshit crazy and so long as they generate discussion

Trolls that only manage to get a few comments will be banned instantly. Learn to troll, dipshits.

Finally, mods aren't above the rules

But it is harder for non-mods to enforce them...
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