wc_helmets (wc_helmets) wrote in unjust_phil,

Ontological existence for God

When inquiring about ontology and being, if one is affirmative in ontological inquiry (the antithesis being "why study that stupid shit, man"), one must also have formulated an existence of God. To be logically consistent, this belief in "God" must also in some way lean toward the affirmative.

1) When being affirmative in the belief in being, in the belief that 'is' actually has a meaning to it, one belives in a concept which is somehow intrinsic to the object but never material. This belief can be described in numerous ways, but this is the essentials.

2) This definition of belief (edit: being, not belief) also fulfills the definition of 'God'.

It is logically inconsistent to take either belief only.

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